Welcome at the site with documentation and examples of the Plugin Googlemaps.

I hope this site will provide you the necessary information to solve problems or give ideas how to use the plugin in your site. Click read more for more general information of the installation and usage of the plugin or see install tutorial.

If you've a problem or question please do the checklist first. If this doesn't solve it send me an email, with the url of the page with problem and version of the plugin.

The parameters of the plugin are defined here. For examples: Google Maps API version 3.

If you like the plugin please give us a vote or review at Joomla extensions.
A donation is also very welcome (see sponsors)

Have fun with the plugin.

Cheers Mike


Download the latest version at the project site.
Last version is 3.3 (stable/production). For Joomla 2.5.x and 3.x take the file with J25_J3x in the name for example: plugin_googlemap_J25_J3x.v3.2.zip.
The lastest version for Joomla 1.5 is 3.2 and it will not be maintained any more, please upgrade to Joomla 3.x.


The plugin is distributed under General Public License (see: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html). You may use it, copy it and modify it, but please respect my work and show my name as an author.
If you want to fork the plugin for Joomla, please send an email to inform me.

Google Terms

Please read the Google Terms for using Google Maps.


To install the plugin go to Joomla menu Extensions submenu Install/Uninstall in your administrator console. Upload and install the plugin. Then go to Joomla menu Extension submenu Plugin Manager and enable the Plugin Google Maps.

Always enable the plugin. With the plugin parameter Published (right side) you can set if the mosmap command must be removed or that the mosmap command is replace with the Googlemap.

After publishing the plugin go to the parameters of the plugin by clicking on the name of the plugin. Here you can set the defaults of the parameters.
You can use a Google API key for version 3 because of the usage limits and billing. You can get it at: Google APIs Console.
If you're a first user then don't change the other parameters and first make sure the plugin works and the map shows (see next paragraph).
The defaults can be overruled by the parameters added to {mosmap} in the article, module or component.

An installation instruction and how to use first can be found here.

How to use the plugin in content

Create a new content article (not static) and place in the intro text: {mosmap}. Make sure the article is visible on the frontpage or as an item a menu. Have a look at the frontpage at this article to see the first map. The plugin doesn't work in the preview of the backend of Joomla.

Then have a look at the documentation and examples.

You can put the {mosmap} anywhere in a content article in Joomla: intro text or main text. You can also show a map in a module of component (like contacts).

The parameters entered with the mosmap will be used and overrules the defaults, set at the configuration of the plugin.

Usage: {mosmap parameter='value'|parameter='value'|... }

Example: {mosmap lat='52.052312'|lon='4.447141'|zoom='3'|text='sv DWO'|tooltip='DWO'|marker='1' }

Check the html of the content item so there are no <br/> or &nbsp; between { } or in the html a return.
if you work with pure html code, be sure that there isn't any " \r\n " tags  in the mosmap string between { } in your database code.
The plugin works for one line!

It can be once, twice or more to display multiple, inline maps on a single content page for different locations and configurations.

You can change any of the parameters:

width, height  to whatever you want although if its too small, you won't see very much.
You must put the units behind the number like 100% or 400px
lon, lat for the coordinates or address to search for the coordinates (use standard of your country)
zoom can be anything as specified in the Google Maps API.
zoomType can be Small or Large, this controls the type of zoom function displayed or None so there is no zoomcontrol.
zoomNew can be 1 for continues zoom and doubleclick and zoom or 0 for click to center (default 0)
zoomWheel can be 1 for mousewheel zoom and 0 for no mousewheel zoom (default 0)
mapType can be Normal (default), Satellite or Hybrid.
showMaptype is 0 for no Maptype controls and 1 shows Maptype controls (default 1)
Overview is 0 for no overview window in bottom right corner and 1 shows the overview and 2 for overview enabled but close initially (default 0)
text is for the marker, that will show on the map with a balloon/infowindow. If you don't want to see the text, just set text=" and it will not display, the text is the data displayed above the location pin. Usually it would be used to display an address or hyperlink. A hyperlink is possible use the format: < a href=linkAddress target=linkTarget title=linkTitle>linkName< /a>. Don't use (double) quotes!
marker is for opening the infowindow (1 default) or close the infowindow (0) initially.
dir for adding get directions form for a route at maps.google.com to the coordinates.
tooltip is for the marker to have a tooltip when the mouse is on the marker (don't use HTML)
address is for a address to search for the coordinates
gotoaddr for a searchfield and button so the user can search a address on the map (default 0)
kml for a url to a kmlfile to load as a overlay on the map for multiple markers or a route
align is for placement of the map in the content (left, right, center or none)

To have a look at all the parameters.

Multi markers

It's not possible to add multiple locations or addresses to one map with my plugin.

An alternative is to use a kml-file see documentation, for a form see explanation and examples:


If you have problems with the plugin, please do the checklist first.

If this didn't help please send me an email. Please include:

  • an url to the page with the map or where the problem shows.
  • the version of Joomla
  • the version of PHP
  • the version of my plugin
  • what checklist steps you did.