1. Install

1.1 Goto install

Goto install

1.2 Select file

Select file

1.3 Upload file & Install

Upload file & Install

Get the Google api key

2. Get the Google API Key (Not Required)

2.1.1 Google API Key: Goto Google API Console (not required)


2.1.2 Google API Key: If necessary Register a Google account (not required)

2.1.3 Google API Key: Select Maps API (not required)

2.1.4 Google API Key: Restrict domains and copy API key (not required)

3.Configure plugin

3.1 Goto plugin manager

Goto plugin manager

3.2 Edit Google Maps plugin

The plugin is evolved to a system plugin and not a content plugin.

Edit Google Maps plugin

3.3 Enter Google api key (not required) and enable plugin

Enter Google api key and enable plugin

3.4 Save plugin

Save plugin

4. Use

4.1 Goto article manager

Goto article manager

4.2 New article

New article

4.3 Enter {mosmap}, publish, place on frontpage and save

Enter {mosmap}, publish, place on frontpage and save

4.4 Goto frontpage

Goto frontpage