Custom tiles can be made several ways. In this tutorial I describe one possiblity with Maptiler.
You can download Maptiler here.

To create the custom tiles you need to have a big image. That can be jpg, tiff, bmp etc.
In Maptiler you can do the following steps to create the tiles:

After Maptiler rendered the tiles you have to upload the tiles to your website. Best is to place them in a subdirectory of the /images directory. Also add in this subdirectory a transparent/none images called none.png. You can get it on the following url: You won't see anything but the images is there (1pixel size).

Then create the mosmap, see: custom-map-tiles.html. You can get the bounds by looking in the generated googlemaps.html file of Maptiler. Search for mapBounds in the code of the html. These vaules can be ported to the tilebounds of the {mosmap}.

There are the following pitfalls with maptiles:

If you have problems witrh maptiler, please goto:

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