It is possible to add button or link to only print a google map, streetview and/or directions (plugin version >= 3.3).
With the parameter mapprint you can define:

  • none - no button or link so no possibility to print only the map
  • icon - a small print image
  • text - the default text of Joomla (based on the language)
  • or your own text or image for the link (html)

It has the following attention points:

  • It uses the css of the page to show the correct design and format, but only css will be used that is defined for media="print".
  • The maptype Earth is not possible to print (flash).
  • If you close the modal print window in some browsers (Chrome, Firefox) instead of cancel or print then the page where you pushed the print button will be closed instead of returning to the page.
  • In Chrome when you close the tab with the close cross instead of cancel or print then the browser will show strange behaviour when you go back to the page or came from another tab with a link. This is caused by a bug in Chrome, see: