This is a version that only support google maps api version 3! Version 2 is deprecated from November 2013 so we need to migrate. Also the internal name of the plugin is changed so you need to do a special update:

1. Install the new version 3.0. This is a new plugin, it doesn’t replace the version 2.x plugin!

2. Do not open the plugin configuration! First you need to enable the new system plugin called "System - Google Map" in the list of plugins by clicking the red dot in the status column. This is the only way to copy all your parameters from the old plugin to the new one!

3. After enabling the plugin in the correct way (point 2) you can check if the settings of the old plugin are copied correctly by opening the new plugin configuration settings.

4. After that you can disable the old system plugin called "Google Map"

The new version has the following new features:

  • Added Virtual refresh for new design Google Maps
  • Added Arcgis layer
  • Added lookat and camera parameters and made flying possible for Earth maptype
  • Added avoid toll for directions
  • Added option to place directions form below the map
  • Added clustering for Geoxml renderer
  • Added parameter to set highlite for kml sidebar
  • Added parameter to get external content for infowindow with GeoXML renderer
  • Responsive and stays centered on the defined location
  • Multiple MSID
  • Added panoramio layer
  • Added parameter input size for forms
  • Added Swedish as language
  • Changed geocoding from version 2 to version 3.

Solves the following errors:

  • Custom centering of kml files
  • Added an image for the control return to previous position
  • Styling problems for directions, streetview and map
  • Dependency on loading of the scripts
  • Polygons in kml file now have outline and fill with GeoXML renderer
  • Solved problem with address with quotes
  • Multiple editors on page caused problems with plugin command

Have fun with the plugin.

Regards Mike