This is the documentation on how to integrate Plugin Googlemaps with Community Builder 1.2 user profile. This documentation is provided by John Comeskey.

If you want to add a dynamic Google map to your CB user profiles that automatically generates coordinates based upon each user’s address, don’t worry.

It's based on making a extra field of type="custom html" in CB and in the description enter the {mosmap address='[cb_streetaddress], [cb_city], [cb_state] [cb_zip]’}.
Within the square brackets, use the correct database field names.

For step by step click read more.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Google map Joomla plugin.
    Install it using the normal Joomla component installer. Be sure to enable (publish) the plugin. Don't forget to get and insert your Google map API key! You can define many elements of the plugin’s performance with the configuration parameters or override them when you insert the plugin tag (in step 4).
  2. Hack your Joomla installation’s index.php file to allow the plugin to work within extensions as described here .
  3. In the Community Builder Field Manager, create new ‘Text Field’ type user fields for ‘street address’, ‘city’, ‘state’, and ‘zip code’.  As with any other CB field, you will have to decide if you want these fields to be required fields, whether they should display on the user profile, and if they should show on the registration form.  (You probably want to say ‘yes’ to all 3.)  Write down the database field names for each of these.  (Example: ‘cb_streetaddress’, ‘cb_city’, ‘cb_state’, ‘cb_zip’.)
  4. Create another new field of the type=’custom html’. Name it ‘Google Map’. In the description, enter this tag:
    {mosmap address='[cb_streetaddress], [cb_city], [cb_state] [cb_zip]’}
    Within the square brackets, use the correct database field names that you wrote down in step 3.
    Set ‘Show on Profile’ to ‘Yes: on 1 Line’.
    Set ‘Show at Registration?’ to ‘No’.
  5. To add additional functionality, add the usual plugin tag details as described at
    the examples. For example, to add a driving directions popup window, include “dir=’1’” within the curly brackets.
  6. For an example of this process in action, please see example of John Comeskey.
    The plugin tag used in this example is {mosmap address='[cb_busstreet1], [cb_city], [cb_state] [cb_zip]'|text='[name]'|zoom='11'|dir='1'}.

There is also a thread on the forum of CB

In new version of CB you can have problems when editing a profile with a map inside it.

You must edit the file plugin.class.php file located here /administrator/components/com_profiler, and change line 1707 which is:
"$labelTitle                        =    $this->_renderFieldInputTitleAttribute( $field, $user, 'htmledit', $reason, $translatedTitle, $htmlDescription );"

"$labelTitle                        =    $this->getFieldTitle( $field, $user, $output, $reason );"