Several point to keep in mind when using a KML-file with the plugin:

  1. A KML-file can be made with Google Earth or at
  2. You can use kml-file of with the network link (see demo).
  3. You can use GPS files. You can convert them to kml at the site:
  4. The kml filename must be all lower case. For example, 'map1.kml' NOT 'Map1.kml'.
  5. Upload the kml-file at a directory on your webserver where visitors of your site and Google has access to.
  6. Check the kml-file at if it show allright.
  7. Check the kml-file at the kml-validator or feedvalidator .
  8. Remember that the parameter lon, lat and zoom level of the plugin define the starting view. Leave them empty so the plugin will zoom in to the right view for the kml-file.
    If you enter lat, long and zoom as starting point in Europe, then it will appear as though our US map is not functioning properly.  But if you zoom out or move to US then the kml will show up.
  9. Don't forget to change the template for showing polyline (see: checklist) otherwise there will be no line when showing a KML-file.
  10. A KML-file is rendered by Google! Google uses a cache so it can quickly reproduce a rendered kml-file for other visitors. If you change the content of the kml-fle it will take a while before the changes will be shown on your site. Rename the kml-file to a new name to see direct results.
  11. Sometime you have to set the mime type of the kml or kmz files to make it work
    For apache, add these lines to the httpd.conf file or a .htaccess file in the same directory as the kml/kmz-file:
    * AddType application/ .kml
    * AddType application/ .kmz
    For linux:
    * AddType application/ .kml
    * AddType application/ .kmz
    Application: opt/google-earth/googleearth
    For Microsoft-iis:
    Goto website, right-click for context menu, then select properties, goto tab http-headers and then push button mime-types. Add kmz and kml.
  12. If you want special characters in the description for the infowindow then use not ö or öbut use the numbers like ö (See )
  13. More information have a look at the KML reference or for support on kml-files have a look at:
  14. For custom icons in the kml file, see:
  15. If you want to use a relative url for the kml file then you must use the geoxml renderer and set the parameter in the configuration of the plugin kml proxy to off.
  16. On the following page the support for kml entities and attributes is described:

You can use Docman to upload the kml files at the frontend of Joomla. The parameter kml has to be entered as kml=

The KML-file can be to big to handle for google.