In May 2009, Google released JavaScript Maps API v3, rebuilding the Maps API from the ground up with a deliberate focus on reduced latency and increased performance. A year later, on May 19, 2010, v3 graduated from Labs to become the default JavaScript Maps API. JavaScript Maps API v2 was subsequently deprecated and scheduled for shutdown on May 19, 2013.

Over the past 3 years Google added numerous additional features to v3, such as elevation,cycling and transit directions, and symbols, but Google also recognize that a number of long-standing sites have not yet migrated their applications to v3.

Therefore, Google is extending the deprecation timeline for JavaScript Maps API v2 by six months, to November 19, 2013. On that date, Google will attempt to automagically turn remaining v2 maps into v3 maps, by way of a JavaScript wrapper Google will deploy. Google expects this wrapper to work for most simple maps, but to avoid any last minute surprises Google strongly encourage sites to complete their migration to v3 ahead of this date.

In the next weeks the Joomla plugin Google Maps will release a new version 3.0 that only supports version 3. Most of the features of version 2 are migrated to version 3. Only a couple of special features like Adsmanager, layers like for example wiki and some GeoXML features are not migrated.

Most of the website will be migrated automatically from Google Maps version 2 to version 3. If there are problems please contact me.