It is possible to show a sidebar with a kml-file. You have to switch the kmlrenderer to GeoXML (of Lance Dyas) instead of google. You don't need to download or install geoxml,js. The plugin will add it when necessary.
You need to provide the location of the sidebar and the width when using kmlrenderer GeoXML.

{mosmap kml=' /images/florida.kml'| kmlrenderer='geoxml'
|kmlsidebar='left'| kmlsbwidth='200'}


Also possible with an kml-file outside of your domain with included a networklink and have directions (only renderer GeoXML):

{mosmap kml=' /images/florida.kml'
|kmlrenderer='geoxml'| kmlsidebar='left'| kmlsbwidth='200'| dir='1'| kmllinkablemarkers='1'| kmllinktarget='_blank'
| kmlhighlite='{ "color":"#000000","opacity": 1, "textcolor":"#000000"}'}


If in the sidebar the folders aren't open at initial start then you can use parameter kmlfoldersopen='1'. All folders will be open at initial start.
If you want specific folders to be open then you have to edit you kml-file. You have to add in every <folder> tag after the <name> tag the following:

Then the folder will be open at initial start.

You can check or uncheck objects by adding visibility to the document, folder or placemark:

Also you can add kmlhide='1' to the {mosmap} so all markers will not be on the map and not checked (version => 2.13b).

You can set the method for opening infowindows. You have to use parameter kmlopenmethod. This can have the values: click, dblclick, mouseover, end mousedown.

It's possible to make the markers a link. You can use the following parameters:

  • kmlclickablemarkers - Show infowindow on markers of a kml-file (0 or 1)
  • kmllinkablemarkers - Click on a marker to goto a url (0 or 1)
  • kmllinktarget - How to open a link on a marker (_self or _blank)
  • kmllinkmethod - if link on a marker in a kml-file should react on a specific method (dblclick is default)
    • click
    • dblclick
    • mouseover
    • mousedown
  • kmlcontentlinkmarkers - if the content of the infowindow should be retrieved when opening an infowindow (0 or 1). By placing an <object> and include a data attribute with an url in the description of a placemark. The url will be retrieved when opening an infowindow and the return contents will be placed in the infowindow. This can help to lower the size of a kml file with lots of content descriptions.
  • kmlzoommarkers - To define on what level to zoom in when clicking on a marker or on a location in the sidebar or use the zoomhere link inside the infowindow (when directions are activated). If set to 0, it will not zoom in but keep current zoom level.

In the second example the markers are clickable with target a new tab/window.

To define the highlite of the sidebar and on the map you have the following parameter:

  • kmlhighlite - JSON structure for defining the highlite when object is selected on the map. Exists of color, opacity and textcolor (for sidebar) for example: { 'color': '#aaffff', 'opacity': 0.3, 'textcolor': '#000000' }