You can now show twitter tweets on a map.

{mosmap twittername='jmosmap'| twittertweets='15'| kmlrenderer='geoxml'| kmlsidebar='left'| kmlfoldersopen='1'}


You can use the following parameters:

  • twittername - The username for twitter
  • twittertweets - The number of tweets to show on the map
  • twittericon - Icon for the location of the tweet
  • twitterline - The line color for a line between the coordinates of each tweet. If empy then no like will be showed.
  • twitterlinewidth - The line color for a line between the coordinates of each tweet.
  • twitterstartloc - The start location if the oldest tweets has no location. If a tweet has a location this will be used for the next tweets without location


Twitter needs authentication and this needs to be entered in the configuration of the plugin.
To use twitter, please follow the steps:

1) Register at and create a new app.

2) After registering, fill in App name, e.g. "_domain name_ App", description, e.g "My Twitter App", and write the address of your website. Check "I agree" next to their terms of service and click "create your Twitter application"

3) After this you app will be created. Click "Create my access token" and you should see at the bottom "access token" and "access token secret". Refresh the page if you don't see them.

4) Copy to the plugin configuration the values of "Consumer key", "Consumer secret", "Access token" and "Access secret"