It's possible to show Google's streetview. Keep in mind to set the lat/lon for a location where streetview is available. If streetview is not available then an error is shown.

{mosmap sv='top'| svyaw='137'| svpitch='20'| centerlat='48.86026723714429'| centerlon='2.2913722693920135'| zoom='16'| svautorotate='1'}


The possible parameters are:

  • sv - this is if streetview must show. It can be top, bottom or a name for an own defined div.
  • svwidth - the width of the streetview (greater then 250)
  • svheight - the height of the streetview (greater then 70)
  • svyaw - defines the rotation angle around the camera locus in degrees relative from true north. Yaw angles are measured clockwise (90 degrees is true east)
  • svpitch - defines the angle variance "up" or "down" from the camera's initial default pitch, which is often (but not always) flat horizontal. (For example, an image taken on a hill will likely exhibit a default pitch that is not horizontal.) Pitch angles are measured with positive values looking up (to +90 degrees straight up and orthogonal to the default pitch) and negative values looking down (to -90 degrees straight down and orthogonal to the default pitch).
  • svzoom - defines the zoom level of this view (effectively proscribing the "field of view") with 0 being fully zoomed-out. Different Street View locations may provide higher or lower zoom levels.
  • svautorotate - Switch on autorotate of the streetview (default off)
  • svadrress - Switch the approximate address control on or off (default on) 

You can get the parameters out of when viewing streetview. Click on the marker and go back to streetview. Then you will see the link to get the same view. At the beginning of the parameters in the url, you see the necessary info.

For example: /maps/@48.860299,2.291326,3a,75y,-124.5h,106.82t

  • First coordinates starting with @: @48.860299,2.291326
  • Second can be ignored: 3a
  • Second value is svzoom: 75y
  • Third value is the svyaw (heading): -124.5h
  • Fourth value is svpitch for example 106.82t