You can add an image or photo as an overlay in a kml-file. You need to do the following steps:

  1. Convert the image to png (24 bits) and make it transparant (75% or less).
  2. Upload the image uploaden to your site: /images/image.png.
  3. In Google Earth goto the right location
  4. Place an overlay on the map and use the url to the image on the site:
  5. Save the folder in Google Earth as a kml
  6. Check with notepad if in the kml-file the url to the image is correct.
  7. Upload the kml-file to your site: /images/kml-file.kml
  8. Create an article and place {mosmap kml=''}


{mosmap kml=' /images/Op_de_Paap2.kml'}

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