Google has a new visual refresh map tiles launched. It is now the default view. If you want to have the classic view then you can get it by setting the parameter visualrefresh to 0 and the Google maps version to 3.13 (version => 3.2). Probably this possibility will be removed in future release of Google Maps API version 3.

{mosmap gmv='3.13'|visualrefresh='0'}


The visual changes are so far:

  • No shadows for markers
  • Markers are slightly bigger
  • Simplified InfoWindow
  • Smaller MapType toggle
  • Smaller Google logo (bottom left)
  • Smaller TOS bar (bottom right)
  • Tweaked zoom slider
  • Saturated map color
  • State borders show up in higher zoom level
  • Buildings show up in higher zoom level
  • Icons for all POI places in a small circle
  • Major streets in cities are desaturated
  • New font (Roboto) used in InfoWindow
  • New colors for directions (route & markers)
  • Some area labels are light grey