It possible to use the msid in the link to a map at, see:

{mosmap msid='105241431495057638574.00043ff7fc3f8d1eb0cbf'}


You can define multiple msid's by adding an iindex. Google renderer has a limit of maximum 25 kml layers on one map. For example

{mosmap msid[0]='105241431495057638574.00043ff7fc3f8d1eb0cbf'|
|centerlat='0'| centerlon='0'| zoom='1'}

To create the KML goto and select My Maps and follow these steps:Create kml file in

Linkes generated by google does not work anymore. Google removed the option to generate a kml. No solution yet to easily show a google maps query url in google maps api version 3.

So the following example does not work anymore:

{mosmap kml='
&daddr=-23.074678,-46.358185+ to:Joan%C3%B3polis,+Brazil
&mra=dpe&mrcr=0&mrsp=1&sz=10 &via=1&sll=-23.21342,-46.45761
&sspn=0.574262,0.85144&ie=UTF8 &ll=-23.190863,-46.470795
&spn=1.148712,1.702881 &z=9&oe=UTF8&output=kml'}


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