It's possible to place a object inside inside of the marker in the Map, like a movie of youtube.

<div id=myvideo height=350 width=425><object height=350 width=425><param name=movie value=http://www.y><param name=wmode value=transparent><embed src=http://www.y type=application/x-shockwave-flash wmode=transparent height=325 width=400></object></div>

Don't place (double) quotes in the text. If you need a space in the linkTitle use "& nbsp;"

Use plugin AllVideos (see: Joomla extensions)  and enter youtube-URL or in the text parameter:

{mosmap text='<div id=myvideo style=height:305px; width:425px> {youtube }youtube-id{/ youtube} </div>'}
Remove space in youtube tag!

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