You can open the map in a lightbox. Just add the parameter lightbox to the mosmap or set it as a general option. You also can set the size of the lightbox with lbxwidth and lbxheight.
A caption is possible with lbxcaption and the zoomlevel can be set different then of the showed map by parameter lbxzoom.
You can set a different center with lbxcenterlat and lbxcenterlon.

{mosmap lightbox='1'| lbxwidth='600px'| lbxheight='600px'| lbxcaption='Map'| lbxzoom='16'}


The map can be invisble in the article and only showed in a lightbox link Open lightbox inside the content of the article:

{mosmap lightbox='1'| lbxwidth='600px'| lbxheight='600px'| show='0'| align='none'}

You can change the text of the link in the configuration of the plugin. You can even make it a button or image by placing <img src='<url>' /> in the field text of the lightbox link in the configuration of the plugin.

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