It's possible to place a object inside inside of the marker in the Map, like a photo of flickr.

<a href= /photos/pcompernolle/ 277663326 target=_blank ><img src= /79/277663326_3116bfa37c.jpg?v=0  width=250 height=167 /></a>

Don't place (double) quotes in the text. If you need a space in the linkTitle use "& nbsp;"

If somebody has a great plugin to show flickr photo's with full capability's (like notes in pics) please send me an email.

{mosmap width='100%'| height='500px'| lat='52.075581'| lon='4.541513'| zoom='15'| zoomType='Large'|
zoomNew='1'| mapType='Satellite'| showMaptype='1'| overview='1'|
text='<a href= /photos/pcompernolle /277663326 target=_blank >
<img src= /79/277663326_3116bfa37c.jpg?v=0 width=250 height=167 /></a>'}

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