This demo shows how to place an address as a parameter so the marker will show based on the address. This can be used instead of lat/lon. When you use lat/lon and an address then the coordinates will be used to place marker, but address will be used in direction form.

There is no specific format for the address and best is to keep close to the standard of your country:

  • Dutch: street number, zipcode place,  country
  • USA: street address zipcode, town, state, country

{mosmap address='address'| zoom='15'| zoomType='Large'| zoomNew='1'| mapType='Hybrid'| showMaptype='1'|
overview='1'| text='<div style= width:200px; height=50px;>Home</div>'}


The example below will show a map even when geocoding on server and client failed! Location will be the default coordinates of the plugin!