It's possible to place an image on the map (version => 3.0).

{mosmap imageurl=' /images/joomla_logo_black.jpg'|
imageposition='right_top'| imagewidth='165'| imageheight='68'}



  • imageurl - The url to the image
  • imageposition - This can be the possible position of the google map api:
  • imageindex - The API places controls at each position by the order of an index property; controls with a lower index are placed first. For example, two custom controls at position BOTTOM_RIGHT will be laid out according to this index order, with lower index values taking precedence. By default, all custom controls are placed after placing any API default controls. You can override this behavior by setting a control's index property to be a negative value. Custom controls cannot be placed to the left of the logo or to the right of the copyrights.
  • imagewidth - Width of the image
  • imageheight - Height of the image
You can define the css of the control with the following classes (see css definition in the map configuration):
  • controlDiv - The control where the image is placed. Best is to define a padding of 5px to seperate it from other controls.
  • controlBorderDiv - A div to define a optional border or a background.