It's possible to define a custom tile layer with Google Maps plugin:

{mosmap tilelayer=' /images/stories/tiles'|
tileminzoom='6'| tilemaxzoom='9'| tileopacity='0.85'|
tilebounds='51.0001625721, 3.0, 54.0, 8.00049916174'|
zoom='6'| centerlat='52.5'| centerlon='5.5'| tilemethod='maptiler'}


You have the following parmaters available:

  • tilelayer - The url to the base directory of the tiles. Don't add a / at the end.
  • tileminzoom - The minimum zoom of the tiles
  • tilemaxzoom - The maximum zoom of the tiles
  • tileopacity - The opacity of the custom tiles (1 is not transparent, 0 is invisible, 0.5 midway)
  • tilebounds - The bounds of a the custom tiles consists of coordinates for leftbottom (southwest) and right top (northeast). All values should be seperated by comma
  • tilemethod - The method to get the tiles. This can be maptiler for a special function. Or the complete url and define the x, y and z as parameters in the url like:[Z]&x=[X]&y=[Y]. See: Tilecoordinates

If you have problems with maptiler, please goto: