It's possible to change the default icon on a map.

{mosmap icon='<Url icon>'| iconwidth='60'| iconheight='52'| iconanchorx='58'|
iconanchory='52'| iconinfoanchorx='34'| iconinfoanchory='1'| iconshadow='<Url shadow'|
iconshadowwidth='60'| iconshadowheight='52'| iconimagemap='<image map>'| tooltip='Tooltip'
|text='Custom Icon'}

icon icon shadow

Even an animated icon (.gif) works:


For a icon wizard goto Google Map Custom Icon Maker.

The parameters have the following meaning:

You need to specifiy iconwidth and iconheight together and same for inconshadowwidth/height and iconanchorx and iconanchory. You can set the default in the configuration of the plugin.
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