Clustering of marker in the plugin GoogleMaps is possible with the kmlrenderer GeoXML (version => 3.0):

{mosmap kml=' /images/batchgeo2.kml'| kmlrenderer='geoxml'| maxcluster='25'| gridsize='7'| minmarkerscluster='3'| maxlinesinfocluster='5'| clusterzoom='dblclick'| centerlat='0'| centerlon='0'| zoom='1'}

  • maxcluster - maximum number of markers on a page (default 650).
  • clustericonurl - Url for the cluster icons, after the name a number and extension will be added, max 5 different icons for total of markers in a cluster. The sizes need to be 53x52 (<10), 56x55 (<100), 66x65(<1000), 78x77 and 90x89
  • gridsize - size of the grid of a cluster (default 60).
  • minmarkerscluster - minimum number of markers in a cluster (default 2).
  • maxlinesinfocluster - maximum of line of markers in a cluster in a inforwindow of a cluster (default 15).
  • clusterinfowindow - method of opening the infowindow on a cluster, default click. This can be:
    • click
    • dblclick
    • mouseover
    • mousedown
  • clusterzoom - method on the marker to zoom into a cluster, default dblclick. Same values possible as above.
  • clustermarkerzoom - zoom level for a marker in a cluster shown as a link in the infowindow of the cluster, default 16.